Github repos from classroom hanging


I made an assignment on Classroom and when students accept the invitation, they are unable to access the repo. On my end (and their end) the repo is created and listed in their repos and on my github classroom page, but when I or they try to view the repo it hangs and only displays “Generating your repo - it should only take a few seconds”. I can view all other repos from other classroom assignments, except this one.

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:wave: Hi @kayodeji,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please email us at GitHub Support so we can formally help you resolve this issue:

Can you specify what kind of an import method are you using, I mean, is your boiler plate repo of template type, or it’s not a template and you’re using the source code importer to create the assignment?

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I made it a regular template repo.

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I did. Thanks.

Strange, templates do take the least of times to replicate. Is it fine now?

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