GitHub Project Boards in an Assignment

I was hoping to use GitHub project boards in an assignment to help students manage larger projects. I had wanted to setup the project board in advance with some established issues, etc. that students need to address in their assignment.

I created a starter code repo for students that I also made a project board for. When I used that repo as a base for an assignment the project board did not come with it when individual student repos were created. Is there a way to make that happen?


:wave: Hi @cyberthread,

At this time, GitHub Classroom does not include project boards for starter code. Although, I do think the usage of a project board is perfect for the Classroom.

An alternative could be that you guide your students to create a project board for themselves within each assignment. Perhaps in the you can list the objectives, have them create the board with the appropriate cards. This way you can monitor their progress with the assignment.

I will be sure to mention this to our GitHub Classroom Program Manager to see if this is a feature we can add for a future deployment.


What I ended up doing was having students accept the assignment repository, and then ran a script using GitHub’s API to initialize the project board for each one. We also uploaded a set of premade cards to each repo (so that students had an initial set of tasks to complete)–I initially created the cards in a single “master” repo, and then downloaded those cards to upload them afterwards.

You can find the scripts we used for this work at (the repo belongs to my TA who put it together)


Thanks for the clarification, Eric. it would be so helpful to have project boards in Classroom in the future – especially the ability to pre-populate with issues.

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Thanks, Joel. This is helpful. I appreciate you sharing your workflow and scripts!

Can’t help with project boards but I have found a way to deal with issues. While you can’t create issues in your starter repo, you can create a template for an issue. So you can put your issues in as templates as part of your starter project and then students go into issue tracker and create each of the issues with 1 click. it’s not as smooth as what you want but ok for helping them get started.


Great Idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Not perfectly smooth but would definitely minimize some barriers.

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