GitHub education reverification problem


I’ve been asked to reverify my student status for some reason even though I’ve been verified with my edu email before. I have sent a screenshot of my college’s portal with my logged in status visible as a proof document, which is acceptable, according to this page,

The timestamp is visible from my computer but for some reason my document has been rejected as missing a timestamp.

What kind of timestamp do I have to provide in order for my document to be accepted?

Thank you.

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:wave: Hi @Codeh4ck!

We ask students and educators to occasionally reverify to insure they still qualify for GitHub Education Benefits.

We ask that the date on the submitted document be a reflection of the students current academic enrollment. So, a timestamp on a document or a date when a transcript was printed, would not qualify. We need the date to support that you are currently enrolled in classes. A document with a class schedule that clearly shows the date range of your course would be helpful or even an academic ID with a date that shows how long it would be valid for.

For more information about the application process and what other documents we accept, please read:

You are welcome to reapply with supplementary proof of your current student status at:

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Hello @ericdrosado

Thanks for your quick response!

This is what I’m reading on the first link that you sent me:

I’ve marked the text I am referring to with a red square. I uploaded exactly that but it was rejected as missing timestamp. So the timestamp needs to be inside the portal?

Thank you.

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Hi @Codeh4ck,

Generally speaking, a screenshot of just a student portal would not be enough to prove academic enrollment. I would recommend reapplying with a dated student ID, weekly schedule, or transcript of your current enrollment.

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