GitHub Education Q&A

Questions about the new GitHub Education offering for schools :school::sparkles::tada: .

And to kick things off, what interests you about being in the new GitHub Education Partner Schools program?

Looks great, interested in getting started with the Campus Expert program.
Main interest in the GitHub Education Partner Schools program at present is to see where potential collaboration is possible with fellow educators across the globe. This on integrating Github even more in our courses.

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My hope that is becoming a partner school will expand the use of standard tools outside of my courses. Additionally I hope that by having these tools widely available they will make there way into the AP Computer Science Principles courses which currently teaches out of date methodologies.

I am hoping that GitHub Education will bring us the following;

  • Streamlined process for creating classes and sections
  • Integration with roster management tools (Clever)

I would additionally like to see Google Classroom integration (one click assignments, completion status and some type of grade importing.)

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