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I’m trying to set up my GitHub Classrooms for Spring quarter, and the “discount” page at told me I needed to re-verify my faculty status. I have done that twice now (“last verified as a faculty on Mar 17, 2020”), but I can’t seem to get to the page where I can upgrade my organization. Has this page moved? Is there some other step that has been added in that I’m not aware of? The documentation ( doesn’t seem to think so…

Where do we go for support for this?

Actually, things have changed recently in the web and to get where you can upgrade your organization you have to follow this path:

GitHub Education > Get Benefits (upper right corner) > GitHub Teacher Toolbox > (seek for GitHub) Get direct access on the GitHub website.


Thanks so much @pattacini ! That last link was exactly the one I needed :slight_smile:

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Hi I got approved for educational discount but when I create an assignment I cannot make it private. Can you help please

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Hi @hikmatfarhat

You have to visit your benefits page accessible from the GitHub Teacher Toolbox – exactly as outlined above – and then upgrade your organization so that you’ll be entitled to create private assignments.


You should be the -Help- editor, this solved my suspected browser-issues, hero!


@pattacini, you’re my hero! I spent an hour fighting this today. Many thanks.


Thank you @pattacini! Our doc on Classroom is out of date, will update it shortly. :heart:

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I followed these instructions but I have to say - this is remarkably obtuse. I think this should be a bit easier to figure out. Thanks for the tutorial here.

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Got bitten by this on a Friday, when suddenly I couldn’t get updates on our Orgs GH pages we use for years.
For every other build problem I got a mail in the past. Not for this problem! So I only noticed after three trivial commit that things are not in order and only by my intuition went to the settings of the GH page repo to notice a warning there that our Org was still on “Free” and would couldn’t continue to build pages from private repos – this kind of hidden information is very bad!
So with out this solution this would have become a dead end because “Free” plans cannot use private repos, we have a lot of academic outside collaborators with our Org that count towards a paid plan(!) and since we have solutions for teaching in that repo, it definitively could not become public as a workaround!

Thank you so much for the solution. In the end the reverification just needed a selection of a radio box and the press of a button – such an easy bureaucratic action, but a potential disaster if unnoticed.
The service by GH for the Edu community is great, but this should be the first thing to mention in the reverification process! It was close to a paniced migration away from GH.

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