Github Edu Pack request Still Pending

Hi I filled the form for the GitHub edu Pack about 2 weeks ago. I have still not had any response. I filled it using my school mail and also gave a copy of my ID Card. How much more time will it take? The form said that we would hear from then in 24 hours but it has been 2 weeks.


Hi @tperm94 :wave:
Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated wait time. Requests are reviewed in the order they are received and we are going through an increased number of requests. :raised_hands:

Oh ok. But i would appreaciate it if it could be a little quicker as this is the best time for us to learn new things as we are just sitting at home. I know it would be difficult for you guys as you go through every request manually. But no problem



Do we get any confirmation mail when we apply for the pack? Because i havent got any confirmation yet that my request for the pack has been submitted or something.

Sir I’m not received any GitHub graduation swag yet
Do you have any idea When I get my swag ?