.github directory missing

For my latest assignment, about 20% of the repositories that are created are missing the .github (testing) directory. Any idea what might be causing this?

Upon closer inspection: It appears that it is the most recently created repositories that have the problem. We are at the end of a two-week project. Those that set up the project at the beginning seem to be fine. Those that waited until the day before (:roll_eyes:) have the messed-up repos.

(If it helps, the automated tests run just fine; and, if I manually add the .github directory to a student’s repo, the test begin running. I just don’t see why that directory isn’t being created when the repository is created.)

Check a repo where the directory does exist – does it come from the template repo or a commit during configuration? If the latter, then you may need to get the students to “update” to have those extra commits included. More info here (as a solution to a different symptom of potentially the same problem):

I’m not sure what you mean. The template repo only has one commit, so all student repos (the ones created two weeks ago, as well as the ones created two days ago) were based off that one template.

Not the template repo, but the commit log of the student repos. The way it’s implemented is for much of the configuration to come as a series of commits to the student repos after the clone from the template occurs.

I see now. When I look at repos that don’t have the .github directory, their commit history is missing the two “GitHub Classroom Autograding” commits that most repos have.

Are you saying that a simple “git pull” from the students should fix that?

For what it’s worth: Only two of the repos created for today’s assignment got the .github directory (and the corresponding commits).

Nope, not a git pull. The student needs to go to the assignment link again, and click on the “update” link. That triggers the extra commits. If there was a way for us (instructors) to do it, or even better to do it for all students, that would be ideal. But no such luck…

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When I revisit the GitHub Classroom URL, I don’t get an update link. I get this message:

Ah, I see. Group projects – all bets are off then, I guess :S.

I’ve been going in to all my student repos that had the .github directory missing and adding the files manually. Just got a student to try your suggestion (having them go back to the assignment page and clicking Update). It works, saving me much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Thanks!

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My issue seems to fit in here.
This bug wasn’t present a few days ago when I was doing the tutorials for Classroom. Now, even following the tutorial, the bug happens.

The bug:

  • If I create an assignment, and add the Autograding (with or without online IDE), with the proper choice (run C in that case), when a student clicks the link of the assignment, we see this:


If the student doesn’t click on “update”, the cloned repository (it’s a template repository) is not populated with the autograding.json nor classroom.yaml. If we do click, the cloned repository receives a new commit with the proper files.

Those who have the bugged repository, if we click on “actions” they are not enabled.

To fix this, I have to enable “actions” and change something in the autograding formulary. The changes will be propagated to all students.

I hope I can contribute to finding the solution.

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Check out this

Bug fixed.

I created an assignment with a template repository (which appears to be required and the only possible option) and associated tests. However, when the (test) student accepts the assignment, the .github directory is not created and the Feedback PR is missing (even though I enabled the option).

There are no commits that indicate “GitHub Classroom Autograding”, “GitHub Classroom Feedback”, etc.

Going back to the assignment link and clicking update appeared to instantaneously trigger the missing commits.

From my reading of this thread and the announcement of a fix to actions I was under the impression that the student should not need the update workaround any more.

Is there something obvious that I am missing?