Github classroom server maintenance

I was having class and just as we were clicking on the assignment link Github classroom went down :frowning:

I didn’t see a notification about this so I did not prepared a backup. All students and myself were scrambling and I had to manually get them to clone a public Github repo I quickly made. We’re now thinking about how to integrate the code they made outside of their private repos into it.

Does Github classroom have a process on how to address issues like these? Is there a suggested method of what to do if Github classroom goes down? or Github for that matter?

We’ve thought of hosting all our programming exercises on Github, but things like these give us second thoughts. Would love to hear from the admins to know what we need to do to prepare for situations like these.

Hey! I’m a student and this happened to me today (2.3.20). Github Classroom was down from ~ 1:15pm to 1:45pm Central Time . We didn’t get any notice :frowning: but thankfully 30 minutes isn’t too long. Not sure if future maintenance will be, but figured 1 data point was better than none!

@Github – do y’all have a maintenance schedule? And how long do your maintenances usually take?


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