GitHub Classroom Script Library

So I’ve been working on a modest collection of python scripts to help manage my GitHub Classrooms. Currently, there is a script to clone all repositories for a given assignment, there is a script to add a file to every repository of a given assignment (like updated instructions or an input file), and there is a script that will find .java files for a given assignment and prepare them for MOSS plagiarism detection. Bug reports are welcome and encouraged as well as feature requests! Thanks!


@ccannon94 nice share thanks!

Thanks for sharing!

I have a script I put together at github-classroom-scripts which is useful when assignments are performed in a series, where the students start with a base repository of code and build on this throughout the semester in multiple assignments. The scripts here make it easy for graders to see what the student has changed since the last assignment and share code review comments. Sharing this work in case it’s useful for anyone who uses a similar structure for their GitHub Classroom courses.

I like the idea to do MOSS submission, might borrow some of this for script improvements in the Fall.