GitHub Classroom is back up

It seems is offline for maintenance.
Is there anywhere where I can find out ahead of time when a maintenance will happen?
Is it possible to access the students’ repositories when under maintenance?
Thanks for helping!


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@Salompas hi there, we’re shipping a fix now. Apologies for the downtime. We hope to be up shortly.

Good to know! Thanks for the quick reply @mozzadrella

@Salompas you can access student repositories through navigating to your Organization on the web client.

We’re back up. Thanks for your patience.

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Unfortunately we were having class when this happened :frowning: we were all scrambling. It went back up 5 mintues before class ended.

I had to create a public repo so that students could access their lab exercises, but now we need to find a way to integrate their codes into the private repositories.

We’re really excited to use Github classroom and I’ve done a lot to convince my colleagues to adopt it; but issues like this make it hard for me to push this agenda.

Is there a process we need to know about in situations like this? Is there a backup server? protocol?something?

@mozzadrella is this happening again at the moment? Same deal - running a class test that relies on GH classroom and wasn’t expecting maintenance mode. Any idea of when it might be back up?

Oh, I see from Google results that this was posted 11 hours ago

Classroom will be unavailable for 1 hour on July 23, 2020 starting at 6pm (PST)/1am (GMT).

Only I can’t open the page because it’s on GitHub Classroom.