Github Classroom import assigneme nt bug fixed?

As the title is self-explanatory, did the known bug that some students got stuck importing their assignment from the link provided for the teacher been fixed ? Or still have isssues people using Classroom ? Just thinking of begin to use Classroom but some tests i made, i got lots of problems with students that werent able to import their assignement repo.


There is an open issue for this:

There haven’t been any updates in a while, so I presume it has not been fixed yet.

thats what i was thinking…anybody can share their experience? any news?

@mozzadrella @ccannon94 Any news or can anything be done to solve this bug ? Actually Github Classroom is not usable because the problems that gives to students to copy or generate the students repo from an starter code/repo. Is taking from September and seems no progress made… Hope this can be solved and with the new almost beta feature of having more classrooms per organization, i could began to use Github Classroom…

Thanks and Merry Christmas…

@ejgutierrez74 we have no new information. However, it looks like the team may have had platform team address the actual transfer issue in this bug. There is another, much less severe issue where a repository importing starter code simply hangs on the loading page, that you can easily work around by either entering the assignment url again, or by going to the organization and searching for the repo that was actually created. This issue is much more common than an actual delayed import and much easier to work around, make sure that that’s not the issue you’re seeing regularly.