Github Classroom documentation?

Hello, does anyone know if there is any github classroom documentation available? I’ve been reading through the github for education docs, but can’t find anything for classroom.


Aside from the tool itself, there’s no users guide mostly because we’ve been spending all of our time working on making GitHub Classroom easier to use.

We’re happy to take your questions. As we see more people asking them we can use that information to improve the experience.

:tv: Stay tuned. We should have some good news on this front shortly.

Here’s a new introduction to GitHub Classroom video we just released:

Here is the link to @hollenberry’s post:

More to come.


Thanks, that’s a great start!

The video mentions student example student walkthroughs. Can you let me know where those might be available?
Thank you.

GitHub Trainer @hollenberry has recorded them :movie_camera: They’re being edited now and the second will be posted here soon :popcorn:

+1 for student walkthroughs

Thank you!

Hey everyone!

Our second video has been released and is available, here:

Great video!

Question regarding creating individual assignments? So does this process eliminate the need to create individual teams for each student so they won’t see each other’s work? I was reading the deprecated Classroom Guide for setting up assignments using the sandbox method and would like to confirm if this new method in GitHub Classroom replaces all of the steps below:

Individual projects
For each student:

Create a repository in the organization based on the student’s name.
Create a team in the organization, matching the name of the repository.
Set that team to have Push/Pull permissions.
Add the student to that team.
Give that team access to the corresponding repository.

Thank you!

Yes, the need for manually creating the teams is gone. Classroom creates repositories and adds students as repository collaborators for individual assignments meaning there’s no need for one person teams anymore.