GitHub Classroom, Campus Program, GitHub Enterprise Cloud

My university has signed the “GitHub Campus Program” -, now, we have greats features for all departaments in the university.

But we has a problem with GitHub Classroom because teachers needs to becomes the owner of the whole organization for use it

Anybody with this problem here?
How use GitHub Classroon using only 1 organization?


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Hi Pedro!

Thanks for reaching out to us on our new GitHub Campus Program Community Forum.

Your question is beyond my expertise (I focus on GitHub Campus Program primarily), but please know that I am working on getting an answer for you. Please remain patient, most of the GitHub Education staff is attending our GitHub Summit conference and will be back in next week.

I will @pgonyan ping you soon with an answer.
It is possible the Education Community may answer this for you before I have a chance to reach back out. I will continue to monitor regardless.


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