Github Classroom and Integration (Beta)

Hi all,

I’ve signed up to the Integration beta and was looking forward to it coming through today and trying it out.

It seems that you’re not able to enable an assignment that’s already been created to use the functionality. Is there a technical reason for this and is there any scope for it to be able to do this in future? It unfortunately renders it practically useless for me at the moment because I’m halfway through a course and all of the assignments are created.

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It’s a little technically tricky to enable to integration on assignments that exist because the integration makes changes to README, and its hard to do this if different students have changed their README already in different ways. Have any students accepted your future assignments yet? We may be able to push up a change that lets you edit the IDE for new acceptances.

That would be helpful - I feel it would definitely be beneficial to have the ability to add/edit the functionality after an assignment is created.

I ended up actually spending some time today and re-made the future assignments so that we could use and test out the Integration. First class using that is Monday so we should get some feedback then!

I’m really looking forward to use the integration. Just running into the following issue…

So I’ve got integration enabled to my GitHub Classroom account, but I feel like I am missing something. Here’s what I have done, or at least the workflow I would expect to follow:

  • In the course’s GitHub organisation, I made the “assignment” repo.
  • I make this a private repo. In fact, everything needs to be private for obvious reason (plagiarism). Otherwise, there’s no way I can use these technologies in a classroom environment.
  • I then go to GitHub Classroom, and define the assignment that will use the repo. I also specify that I would like to integrate with the Online IDE when asked.
  • All looks promising so far.
  • As a student (different GitHub account), I then “accept” the Classroom invitation for the assignment. It imports the repo for the student account, and adds the badge to the README file. All good.

Here’s where I have a problem:

  • As a student account again, I click the badge from the README inside the GitHub repo. I am simulating a student wanting to work on the project.
  • I am redirected to the website, and again log in (as student).
  • The problem is that the website redirects to “”. It shows me the following:


  • No matter what URL I put, it won’t find the repo. I made sure I am getting the student’s repo (not the template).
  • So I tried something else… I thought as a student I will try and Create New Repl (blank) from scratch, and then later try and link the GitHub repo to it. But then it forces me to make the Repl public.

Does this mean that Repls created and connected to GitHub Classroom repos (which are allowed to be private) have to be public on the Repl interface side of things? If so, this means we cannot use (although I would like to), because I cannot request students to upgrade their account to the paid version. I also don’t want students using public Repls if that’s the limitation of the free Repl account.

I think I must have missed an important step in the workflow above. I would have expected at some stage I tell that all (student) accounts connected to certain GitHub repos (i.e. for the course) are to be associated with a private Repl, and to not require students to have a paid account.

Or maybe I need to update my (staff) account to specify I am a teacher? Unfortunately the paid Classroom account isn’t feasible for us – we have about 400+ students a semester.

Thanks heaps!

I had the same sort of issue too - and I think it happens when the student hasn’t yet signed into when clicking the ‘Work in’ button.

Here’s a reproduction of the error and how to get around it.

Creating assignment (teacher view). Make sure you’ve authorised to access your organisation. 1

Accepting assignment (student view). This is what seems to happen if the student isn’t signed in to 2

And this is what happens the second time (after signing in to 3

It seems that the clone operation did work the first time, but something on the sign-in side goes awry. Both repls (and Github repos) are private as well.

As for why this happens - I’m not too sure. @d12 will probably be able to help out!

Hope that works for you!


Thanks heaps Scott! Just tried again using the exact workflow you detailed, and it worked!

I initially only gave access to the repo being used for the assignment, but when I followed your example I gave it access to the entire set of repos. Maybe that was one difference that helped. The other difference was already being logged into (as a student) before clicking on the badge from the cloned GitHub repo.

Thanks again.

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Hi, @nasuoa, @Scott3142,

Thanks for reaching out! Glad you’ve sorted the issue, and thanks for all the feedback! We’re working hard improving the experience before our full launch later this month. I believe our engineers are looking into solving the strange behavior that happens when your student isn’t authenticated to when they click the button. Should be fixed up soon!


Thanks heaps Nathaniel.

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Hi Nathaniel @d12

Wondering if there’s any update on this bug? I keep encountering it, and there’s going to be a classroom of 300 students starting very soon so little worried this causes some worry among students…

Thanks heaps!

Hey @nasuoa!

This issue was actually resolved by so it should theoretically be working. launched an interstitial page for the user to login (with their GitHub account):

Once signed in/signed up this problem shouldn’t be happening anymore. I just went through this flow and it seemed to work:

  1. (As my teacher account) Set up a new classroom and an assignment with
  2. (As my student account) Accepted the invite / went through the assignment set up process
  3. (As my student account) Click the button from my assignment repo README
  4. (As my student account) Directed to sign in/sign up to, did that, and was able to start working

I might be missing a step or misunderstanding the issue on your side so lemme know if that’s the case!

Katie (the new d12 since he has moved on to other things :smile:)

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Hi Katie, thanks for the update, that sounds promising! :smiley:

I’m an AP CS teacher wanting to start using GitHub Classroom with an online IDE. I’ve watched the half-hour video on Classroom/ integration and attended a workshop on the same topic at last week’s CSTA conference, but what I really need is someone to watch me go through the steps on a screen share and tell me if I’m doing anything wrong. Is this integration actually working for free users since changed their pricing model (the CEO said yes, but…)?

I must be missing something. I’m hopeful someone here can help. I’ve read all your posts, I’ve tried everything. The Replit button does not even show up in my student account README or anywhere in my student account.
I’ve authorized, logged out and in, made new assignments… I must be missing something. Any help is greatly appreciated…

The button seems to be having some recent problems. See this thread - Missing "Work in Repl" badge/button for some students

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Ok take. Class