GitHub Classroom and Codespaces


At GitHub Universe we announced GitHub Classroom and Codespaces pilot and if you are interested please sign up for the pilot @

Also here are few of the Education talks at GitHub Universe 2021 you would be interested in.

GitHub Education


Hi Divya, I have signed up since we use Github Education in our community


I thought the Classroom 101 walkthrough was very good. I’m saving this video for when I need to explain how to use Classroom to colleagues.


I got approved for the Github Classroom/Codespaces pilot this week. I tried to follow the instructions in the email:

  • Navigate to the organization’s Codespaces settings ({ORG NAME HERE}/settings/codespaces ) to enable User permissions (Yourself and TAs who are admin on the organization can do this).

But I’m getting a 404 when I try to navigate to the codespaces settings for the org in question (gmitSdPd).

Hoping @divais or someone else at Github Education could take a look?

Hi @john-french :wave:
Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ll ping the team on this and come back to you

Thank you @john-french for reaching out, we are looking into this and will get back ASAP.

Thanks for getting back to me @divais. I realised this org was on a free account and I needed to upgrade it to a Team plan, which I’ve now done. So I can now see those settings. But I can’t change them as per the instructions, they’re grayed out.

Hey @john-french, just wanted to check in if this is still an issue. We have updated some access over the last couple of days and I want know if we need to take another look at your org and see if something else may be going on.

This is resolved now, thanks for the responsiveness @matthewisabel @juanpflores @divais

@divais the beta link is dead now. Is there still a way to check out this integration? Thanks!

@titaniumbones The pilot is closed. Shortly we will be releasing Codespaces for all teachers so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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