GitHub campus

Hello, I am Ayodele Aransiola ( I applied for becoming a campus expert. For that, I have firstly applied for verification as a student and also got the mail of successful verification, Now I want to get started with training. For that I have filled the application form, so how to get proceed further with it and when and where I can access the training courses.

U got a mail regarding successful Student program links given there for specific training u can start…:blush:

I also applied for the Campus Expert program and got accepted. Looking forward to the journey of becoming a campus expert!!

But I get rejected …is there any need to apply with mail ID plzz tell me.

I think you should get verified by GitHub as a student, then try applying again.
In case you are already verified by GitHub, you can ask for the required details before applying again.

Thankss…for help .I’m not verified yet as student …i think that’s the reason for rejection…

I have now verified as Student. But when I’m trying to apply for campus expert it’s show sorry u can’t apply this time.??

I have same response too. You have to wait till next semester