GitHub Campus Expert Training

I started Github Campus Expert Training.But I am unable to understand what to do in the training .
I got some first assignment but didn’t understand what to do someone please help me with this…

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Hi @nagaveda,

Each step/module will have a similar structure.

In the main post on the boards you can accept the assignment(via Classrooms) and follow the introduction/explanation on the topic at hand. These will be available in the repository created when follow the link just mentioned.

When you’re finished you’ll be able to experiment with what was just discussed. And work your way trough the steps of the exercise. Once you’re done you can post a screenshot in the corresponding topic. You can progress all the modules until you complete the final one. After which you can sign up to schedule a call with @ccannon94 / @mozzadrella in order to get your Campus expert status verified.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @nagaveda! So @ConsoleFriend has described the process for Campus Advisors perfectly :sparkling_heart: , but you’re asking about the student Campus Expert training, correct? What part of the training have you started? What part of the first assignment do you not understand?

Also, have you joined the Spectrum community? There’s LOTS of campus experts in their willing to help out.

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