GitHub Campus Expert selections getting tougher?

I’ve been wondering about in this forum and reading quite a lot. Noticed that getting accepted as a Campus Expert is very tough, sometimes there’s literally just one in a state. Being from India and from a 3rd tier college, I find it really disappointing.

Shouldn’t the colleges (3rd or 4th tiers)be getting more attention to be educated remotely from GitHub?
What’s the point of keeping resources and selections strictly for the top ones provided they already give students the required exposure?

yes of course

Would be lovely to see that happen! :slight_smile:

Well You found out this so late…
I am on GitHub from quite some time or more than 1 year
What I see so far is If your college is recognised as A++ A+ or A
You will get all resources you want else your application will get rejected
Both Teacher advisor and Student Expert

Thats the dark side of GitHub

That’s…sad. Where could I officially ask about stuff related to these?

Hi Divya, the reason why it might appear it’s getting tougher to get in is because there are more students applying as the program grows in popularity. Moreover, the program was closed for most part of last year as they redesigned the application process to ensure a better experience for the applicants and a better quality of the program steps.

Moreover, there is no limit on the number of higher education instutions that can be part of the program and have a campus expert, however, you are limited to an expert per university at one time, with very few exceptions.

You can read more about the new program redesign on the blog (Introducing the New (and Improved!) Campus Experts Program - The GitHub Blog) and the application period is now open. However, unlike before, the program will only be accepting applications twice a year to make sure the students get the best experience in the process.

If you have any concerns and want to ask something specific you should message the program team on Campus Program - GitHub Support. Hope this helps and clarifies some of the things you mentioned :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to hear this. Hoping applications experience this time will be smoother this time :blush:

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