GitHub Campus Expert Rejected

I got this message from github.


Your application has not been successful this time. Thank you for applying, and for being a part of the GitHub Education community.

When can I reapply for campus expert program.
Also, please let me know what are the criteria to get selected as a GitHub campus expert.
Our institute is new and we want to get indulge in open source so that we can build together.

They will start accepting new applications by the end of January. Even my application was rejected. They said that they start accepting new applications in the beginning of new semesters.

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Thank you for your reply.

Are you a Developer Program member and having Developer Pack ?

Yes, I have Student Developer pack.

Please Apply Again I am Sure you will get Selected .

Who told you ? any source

I sent a mail to the official GitHub community. Got reply from them.

Mine also got rejected. I dont why. I have clearly mentioned everything from my past achievements to why I want to be Campus expert but I just got rejected. My university is new and I am the first one who applied for Github campus expert. Can I repply again. Can someone tell me what should I have/do to get accepted.

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