GitHub Benefits: Academic reverification required

Hello GitHub Education!

Thanks for the wonderful assistance you provide us in our daily job.

At the end of this strange 2020 course as every course I create the GitHub organizations and GitHub classrooms for the incoming course and apply for GitHub benefits. I did it on July 12 2020.

Days passed without getting a response. I’ve been doing this for many years and usually GitHub answers in a short time. So I wondered If something went wrong and cancelled the submission and resubmitted again on July 16. Here is a screenshot of the associated benefits page:

Today I received 5 or 6 emails from GitHub Education ( one per 2020 organization. Curiously not for the older organizations. Here is an excerpt:

Occasionally it is necessary for us to ask you to reverify your current academic status to continue receiving your GitHub Education benefts. Now is one of those times.

There will be no interruption to your GitHub access, provided you are successfully reverifed within the next 30 days . However, if you are a member of the GitHub Student Developer Pack you must be reverified before your access to the partner offers is restored.

I don’t know what is wrong with my submission and why my account can not be verified.
Both times during submission the app complained the photo of the ID card was already loaded and so I took a new photo, in spite that the ID Card is valid up to 2023.

I wonder what is wrong with the renewal request

I’m having precisely the same issue.

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I contacted GitHub support and finally got a kind answer. It seems they are experiencing longer wait times than usual.:

We apologize for the wait for reverification. We are experiencing longer wait times than usual. We generally review requests in the order received.

Unfortunately, we do not have an average wait time to share. Our verification team will contact you once your application has been reviewed.

I’m having the same issue and with the beginning of the semester quickly approaching this is going to a problem for me.

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Hi @howardcy and @dmusican.

Today August 6th 2020 I made the test to create a private repo in one of the new organizations I created for the next course 20/21 and it worked!. This in spite that the GitHub Education Benefit page for teachers still reads

Pending Your Jul 16, 2020 request for @crguezl is pending.

Let me know if it works for you as well.

Hope we can work as usual the incoming semester.

@crguezl You’re right that it appears to be working nonetheless… but will it keep working? What if it drops mid semester…?

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:wave: Hi Folks!

We truly apologize for the wait. At this time, you should be able to create private repositories for your organizations based on our pricing changes that happened earlier this year:

Unfortunately, you will need the GitHub Education benefit to upgrade your organizations to GitHub Team. Here are the differences between the plans:

I hope this information helps.

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Thanks @ericdrosado for the explanation!

Finally received the approval!.

Got a bit confused on how to get my organizations updated since there was no link from the email to the update page.

Remember that now the page to update your classroom organizations is

There is more info here:

Thanks a lot GitHub

I received the approval as well, thank you! @crguezl, thanks for the info on how to update my orgs.

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