GitHub Assignment Date: what time zone?

When I go to set a due date for an assignment in GitHub Classroom, if I click on the calendar widget to select a due date, it inserts text in this format:

09/17/2019 10:00 -0400

But it is unclear to me what this means? I had assumed that it was automatically figuring out my local time zone, but I think this might not be the case.

Also, once you set the deadline, is there any easy way to see it within the GitHub Classroom interface? And is there a way that the chosen deadline can be displayed to the students?

Thank you

Hey! The deadline widget should auto-populate to your local time zone. In this case, -0400 is the Eastern Daylight Time timezone (NYC). If that seems incorrect, let me know and I can let our engineering team know.

Once you set a deadline, it’ll appear on the assignment page. There isn’t currently a way to show students the deadline, it’ll have to be communicated by you to your students somehow. This is something we’re working on though. I’ll have more to share once work on this moves forwards.

Thank you for the clarification - Yes, that is correct - I am in Eastern Daylight Time.

On the assignment page, I only see a vague description of the set deadline:

Individual assignment - Deadline in 7 days

Is there a way to see the precise deadline (with date & time)?

Within the GitHub Classroom Assignment page, I see that each student’s repository has now been tagged as ‘Submitted’, and if I click on that, the web interface puts me into a tree corresponding to the state of the repository at the time of submission. So that worked.

But I am using the ‘mass_clone’ tool to pull down all the students’ repositories to my computer for grading, and it isn’t obvious to me how to view the submitted tree within RStudio/Git on my computer? (This might matter if a student updates their repository after the submission deadline).


Not right now, but that’s great feedback. I’ve made an issue, the team will get to it soon!

I don’t believe Classroom Assistant respects deadlines right now. There’s an issue for it already, I’ll raise it with the team and see if we can get that done.