Git & GitHub Crash Course For Beginners in Urdu/Hindi

Hello Everyone,

Recently i made a crash course on Git & Github in Urdu/Hindi Language. So the Campus Advisors can share this video with their students and colleges how are interested to learn Git and GitHub.

I am covering the Below points in the Video.
1-What is Git?
2-How to Setup Git on your Windows Machine?
3-Git commands
4-Git Staging
5-Git Branches
6-How to Setup Local Repository using Git command in VS Code.
7-Using Git in VSCode
8-What is GitHub?
9-How to Create a Repository on GitHub?
10-What is Push & Pull in Git?
11-How to Push Local changes to Remote Github Repository?
12-How to Pull the Update From Remote Repository to Local Repository?

Video Link:

Hope you guys will enjoy this video. Suggestions are open for future videos.


This is amazing, Hindi being my native language, this can be very helpful for me too!

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thank you @rachejazz

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This is help full Good.

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