Git and Netbeans for a dummy

That dummy being myself.

I use github with my high school classes exclusively through an IDE (netbeans). Command Line isn’t an option in our environment. I’ve used it with grade 12 group assignments for a few years, and this year with all my classes.

The problem is, despite running through a few tutorials, I’ve never understood the git technology behind it. That means whenever students encounter problems due to not following directions or bad directions (lost heads, local unmerged conflicts, etc), I’ll “fiddle” with it until either it works or I get them to delete the local project and re-clone.

I’d really like to rectify that annoying situation. I was wondering if there might be some good IDE-based tutorials I might have missed that the group can refer me to. Or if there is someone who has used git/github IN AN IDE environment that wouldn’t mind me messaging a few of these situations to them when they occur to help my understanding.



@3cmd9 I don’t have direct experience with IDE tools, but I have a couple of suggestions that may or may not help your situation:

  • I assume that command line is a no-go due to IT restrictions of some kind? Have you tried installing GitHub Desktop? In my experience, dedicated git clients usually perform better than integrated IDE tools, and GitHub Desktop does not require administrative permissions to install, so you may be able to get it done without IT input.
  • Regardless of if you can install GitHub or not, diving deep into git will help improve your ability to resolve these issues in any environment, because you will be familiar with the underlying technology and terminology. I recommend at least checking out the GitHub Campus Advisor Training at least through Module 2.

Hope this helps in some way!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t looked at that particular training yet and so will give it a go.

Unfortunately, access to command line and installing any sort of program including GitHub Desktop is not allowed. [due to restrictions and policies]

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There are tools like SourceTree similar to GitHub desktop which is a great tool.

Alternatively use IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition instead of Netbeans which the best IDE I’ve seen for open source languages.

Finally, there are many books on git available onlie. Eg:

All the best,

@3cmd9 In my personal experience if you are using Github and need integration, IDEs like Visual Studio Code are great and provide full git functionality integrated within them and hence might be worth looking at.
Alternatively look at this link for Netbeans -