Getting started with Open Source

I want to start my journey in Open source.
I searched on the web but everything seems to be scattered.

Could you please help me out in getting started in open source?
I will really appreciate that.

Hi Tushar Dave.
It is not easy as it looks and not even too hard to start in Open Source.
The true meaning of Open Source contribution is to contribute to a Open Source software either with your programming skills to improve the software or suggest an idea which you think might help the software.

To contribute code to a OSS (Open Source Software) you must know the programming language in which the software has been developed. Let’s say for example you know JavaScript and are good at it but the OSS you want to contribute to is written in C programming language, so you cannot contribute to the project with code.

The other way to contribute can be to fix the typos in a OSS documentations or their website. This does not require you to know any specific programming language though.

Don’t worry just keep going through code repositories of the language you know well on GitHub and try to run tests (check if something is missing or if a function is behaving incorrect). Raise an issue if you find something wrong or if you think you can write the code for that then raise a pull request!

In this way you’ll learn to contribute to OSS.

You must know how to use Git and Github though. :slight_smile:

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Hi! I just found this repository with the syllabus on Open Source Studio—“a class about maintaining an inclusive, healthy open source project” from Daniel Shiffman. Thought it might be helpful.