Getting Started with Git and Github Workshop

I recently held a Git and Github workshop, covering how to use Github with the command line and taking students at my campus through a Git essentials training to get comfortable with using Git on the command line and versioning their work remotely on

We covered

  • Git
  • Setting up Git
  • Git Branching
  • Command Line Use
  • VIM - as this is the default editor bundled with git in most installs
  • Working with GIT remotely using

I will update a new version of the slide I used here


Hi @koolamusic!

Thank you for sharing! I’d love to see the finished product, let me know when it’s ready.

If your school isn’t already a GitHub Campus Program partner, please consider joining. You can see more information about our offering here:



Thanks, @michelletracy, I will update the deck. My intentions were to give it a more universal context, as my workshop at the campus was a bit tailored to our academy.

And Yes I will put forth an application for my campus, thanks for sharing the link

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@michelletracy I am planning a Hackathon.

It’s kinda huge. The Largest Pan African Hackathon.
Who am I kidding IT’S HUGE!

Sometime September/October. Date to be cleared out by the end of the Month.
So after getting involved volunteering and co-organizing hackathons across West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon)

I decided to put these teams together to replicate the Hacker Experience on a larger scale.
I am also wondering what it would take for Github to be one of our Sponsors.

I’d love pointers in the right direction to go about this.

Hi @koolamusic :wave:
Feel free to reach out to us through email,, with additional information about your event.

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