Getting Started Github Classroom summer 2021 Trainings

Hello all,
As the semester wraps up, I’m starting to think about next fall when I’ve committed to using Github Classroom for my HTML/CSS course. I’d love to attend a crash course workshop on setting up and building content, assignments, and grading features.

Do these opportunities exist? I found the video resources but it would really be helpful to learn about what is possible before just digging in spending a lot of time with trial and error to figure out if what I want to do is even possible.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks so much.

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Hi @sjhuibregtse

I’m not aware of the availability of specific workshops and/or crash courses on the use of GHC (maybe @acrokat can provide further info on this), but I’m pretty sure that you can leverage on the GHC infrastructure quite effectively, also considering that you teach HTML/CSS, so the GH Pages certainly offers a clear advantage to render websites natively, which nicely integrate within GHC.

Would you be willing to detail a typical assignment you have in mind? This way, we can show you the basics and give you directions to explore that fit your use case.

I’d be interested in this as well. I’ve never used GitHub before and would like to see how I can use it to benefit my students

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