Getting educational credits on AWS EC2?

Anybody tried to do this lately? In the old days, there was a link where you’d request credits and you could drop them into your EC2 account. Now, it seems like Amazon is providing a variety of “free” services, but if that’s not what you need, the only way I can find to request credits is to pretend that you’re requesting credit to do “research”.

Am I missing something? I need to set up a bunch of VMs for students to “attack” in my security class (one VM per student team).


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I haven’t tried to be honest

difficult topic

Now everything has changed. There is no longer the link where you requested loans before. I also pretended and requested a loan for the first time. In general, I am spinning in the field of business and I get great experience in this. Now I’m reading about the money saving challenge, you can also read about the money challenge for everyone and that’s it. So you didn’t miss anything, it’s just that another system has already started up and many are now rebuilding for it. It was certainly good when everyone received educational loans, but you need to measure yourself.