Getting a list of all open pull requests for a classroom

Hi everyone,

We are starting to use Github Classroom for an online Python class, replacing the use of a single Github public repository where each student would work within their own subfolder within the project.

One convenient aspect with the current single repository is that I can just go to that repository every day and see what pull requests are waiting for review. Clearly, that doesn’t work too well when you have one repository per student, per assignment.

Someone in our team suggested a simple solution: To go into, create a filter to cover open pull requests from the organization we use for the class and keep using that filter to identify pull requests waiting for review.

I decided to go the long route and code a short Python program that uses the Github API, gets all pull requests from a target organization (we are trying to keep one Github organization associated to just one class) do some optional filtering per repository name and create an HTML file with the links to all open pull requests. I posted that here:

Anyway, I’m curious about how other instructors are handling tracking open pull requests from multiple assignments from the same course.