Get a swag bag for your FIRST Robotics team 🤖

(Joe Nash) #1

If you are a student participating in a FIRST Robotics team, or a coach/mentor of a team, introduce your team then contact us to redeem your team swag bag.

You will receive:

We’ll also include GitHub t-shirt gift cards, redeemable at the GitHub Shop, as a thank you to your coaches or mentors :sparkles:.

Please include the following when requesting your swag bag:

  • Number of students
  • Number of coaches or mentors
  • A link to your FRC team webpage
  • A physical mailing address
  • A phone number for the recipient

(Gduquette3374) #2

Gary Duquette, coach of FIRST team Jackson Hole RoboBroncs #3374

(Circuit Serpents) #3

Hello everyone,

I’m the head mentor and advisor for team 6060 Circuit Serpents from Rosamond High School in the high desert of California. Just outside of Edwards Airforce base. This is our third year in existence and my first year with the team. This year our team is composed mostly with freshmen so they will have a major learning curve when build season starts. We are receiving help from NASA this year and the mentor that is helping us has been working with FIRST teams for years.

We currently have 4 coaches and mentors, 25students

I am looking forward to this season have a great year

(Pyro Botics) #4


We are FRC team 4207 PyroBotics from Victoria MN. I am the lead mentor and teacher at HFCHS.
•Number of students 18 on the team
•Number of coaches or mentors 5
•A link to your FRC team webpage
•A physical mailing address 8101 Kochia Lane, Victoria MN 55386
•A phone number for the recipient 9524434659

(Greg Doig) #5

Hi all. I am one of the mentors for Team 6098 BIROBOT from Beaver Island, Michigan The team has 7 great students, 5 mentors. 37895 King’s Hwy, Beaver Island, MI 49782 231-448-2744
Wishing everyone a great 2018 Season

(Sawyer) #6

Greetings from

I am a coach for FRC team 5682, and have been doing FRC for 4 years. We have about 25 members and are excited for the Power Up build season.
You can find us on at NMHSRobotics.

(Mark Lavrentyev) #7

Hi! We are FRC Team 4557, The FullMetal Falcons. We are located at 181 Randolph Rd, Middletown, CT, 06457.

We currently have 13 mentors and about 38 students.

Phone number: 8606928910

We look forward to this year!

(Zero2848) #8

Hello All,
We are team 2848 The All Sparks

(Rohinisharma) #9

Hi everyone! Rookie team Infuzed #6908 here! We have 34 members and 5 mentors.

(Subhayon B) #11


I am the programming captain for team 6518 Jagbots. This is our second year competing, and we wish everyone good luck.

(Cspooner Krhs) #12

Hi, I’m lead mentor for Team 1247; we have 38 members and 4 Mentors!

(John D Strand) #13

Hi everyone! FRC Team 3556 GET SMART, introducing ourselves! I am the Controls mentor and we have about 25 students and 8 or 9 mentors.

(Jhmorris8541) #14


We are FRC Team 996 from Casa Grande, AZ.

We have 16 students and 3 mentors. We don’t have an FRC team webpage, but we do have a Facebook page:

Our physical mailing address is:

Casa Grande Union High School Robotics Team
2730 N. Trekell Rd.
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Our school’s phone number is 520-836-8500

Thank you.

(Chaddperkins) #15

FRC Team 2525 has 15 students with 3 mentors. We are located at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School 10635 36th Ave N in Plymouth MN 55441

Chadd is the lead mentor and can be contacted at 763 504 8752

(Bernstern) #16


I am from team 2141 Spartonics from Concord California.

We have 18 students and 3 mentors.
Our WIP webpage is

Our mailing address is:
DLS Robotics (Tim Bedford)
1130 Winton Drive, CA, 94518

Phone (Me):

(Railbots6029) #17

I am Laura Perry. I am a teacher at Lincoln Park High School and the lead mentor for Railbots team 6029. We currently have 3 coaches/mentors and 20 students. We do not have a website up and running quite yet. Our address is 1701 Champaign, Lincoln Park, MI 48146. I can be reached at 313-389-0234.

(Esh4) #18

My name is Eshel, and i’m one of the lead programmers in team TRIGON 5990 from Israel. This is our third year and we’re really excited to get going with FIRST PoweUp!

The team consists of 25 students, but unfortunately are struggling to find mentors to support us…

(Amymorriss) #19

Greetings! I am Amy Morriss, with team 5965: the Power Struck Girls. We are an all-girls team based out of the Academy of Our Lady in Marrero, LA.

We’re looking forward to a great season with FRC Power Up!

Number of students: 15
Number of coaches or mentors: 4
A link to your FRC team webpage:
A physical mailing address: Academy of Our Lady Robotics / 5501 Westbank Expressway / Marrero, LA 70072
A phone number for the recipient: 504.418.9996

(Riverbots) #20

Hi, I’m with the Astoria River Bots, #6845 from Astoria, Oregon. We are at rookie FRC team and pretty excited about our first season, best of luck to everyone!

We have a basic website:
FB page: astoriariverbots

We have 15 students & 4 coach/mentors

Mailing address:
Cris Wilcox
90330 Kista Creek Rd
Astoria, OR 97103
Ph: 541-281-7002

(Riverbots) #21

I know the struggle, its hard to get committed folks, keep asking! Contact the local paper/media to get the word out!