Free private repositories for teachers?

So I tried to add a new private repository to my (free) github account and looks like I’m out of the allowance of private repositories. I have unlimited private repos associated with classroom setup, and thats great, but I need to be able to add one for my personal non-teaching research work. I have one non-teaching related private repo, the rest are all related to teaching. I guess my allowance has been taken up by the students repos. I emailed GitHub sales support about the problem and they gave me a generic reply and a free 45-day enterprise trial which would take care of the problem for 45 days then have me paying $25 a month or something. I’m sort of the opinion that I’m working my butt off to teach and introduce 30 uni students each year to the industry standard software/environment for code development and GitHub are just being super tight. I’m really hard selling the GitHub experience each year to students like a TV evangelist as its a core element of the course but GitHub you got to throw these teachers some bones. Free personal private repos would be a good start then maybe some branded stressballs and usb sticks for the students? Good marketing bro!!!

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Hi @hammytheham,

You should be able to request a developer account based on your faculty or educator role. This is mentioned over at the help section on Github. (

You should be able to get your account approved by following the steps on

As for support/goodies GitHub will even send you a nice Swag bag to share with your students!
More info on this can be found here: 🛍 Get a GitHub swag bag for your classroom

I’m teaching around 150 students each semester in a .net program in a University of applied science and haven’t had any issues on private repos on my personal account. As part of having a hard time to sell GitHub to the students, I’m afraid I’ve got the opposite experience over here :wink:

Hope the above helps in your quest for private repos!


Brilliant links & Thanks for the reply. Uni geology teaching isn’t very high-tech yet - for most this is the students first experience of python, github, bash, terminal etc though they do get a little matlab early on.

Lets hope the swag bag gets here for the students before the holidays!

Cheers Joachim!!

More than welcome @hammytheham!

Very nice to hear that git is finding it’s way towards other curriculum’s as well! Hope your students see the benefits in using this in the upcoming semester :wink: