For the teachers on Brazil!

Hi guys, my name is Claudio Santoro, researcher from the University of Brasília.

I’m really wondering about the availability of we doing some summit or conference for teachers, or students or something like that on Brazil.

I don’t if actually something like that happens.

Let’s debate about something we can do!

Hey @sant0ro, :wave:
This looks like a great idea! I have some recommendations that could help you get started on the event:


  • Find people who develop open source projects in Brasil that use git to maintain them. This can help you inspire students to start their own project or contribute to existing ones.


Even though, it’s ordinary to teach the assistants about how to use git and github something that would be also cool to teach is:

  • How to contribute to open source projects. A great example is CDNJS which has a great issue tab that includes different difficulties for each issue and has maintainers that help you out in the process.
  • How to use Github Pages.
  • How to use Githooks.
  • How to open source a project.
  • Writing great README files.

Also you should talk to guys on Github Education. They might find someone that could go to the event :wink:.

Many thanks for the ideas.

Now we need help from the GitHub itself to make this event happen.

Also need more teachers to participate on this.

But this is just an idea.

We need something like that on Brazil.

Like GitHub Universe Brazil, Idunno.

Hello @sant0ro

Looking for some teachers ?
Feel free to contact some friends from le wagon :wink:

Now we need help from the GitHub itself to make this event happen.

You should ask the Github Education (twitter) to send people to Brasil. They’re open to help events (I’m in LATAM and they helped me out as well).

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Yeah, that should be interesting…

But we don’t know. On my city we had the first Campus Party (Brasília) this year. Sadly I didn’t participate.

GitHub could also do events on Brazil.

Hi @sant0ro, I’m professor in Rio de Janeiro and I’am using GitHub in my classes and in an opensource project for education.

I loved your idea and I would like to help you in this inciative.


Thanks @salgado, That would be totally helpful!!

For everyone that want to help this initiative enter on this telegram group:

Would be helpful for organizing this.