For kids programming teachers in China

Yesterday i guide two students to register GitHub, encourage them to explore fantastical projects in the world.
I really like to use GitHub to help these kids to learn something real and funny by open source software. I even did not find GitHub campus expert in Mainland of China. I believe we can see some soon.
Wish there are more and more teachers to join the world where we can teach kids how to program.


China need more programer! and teach kids for open source.
You are great.

When I was a student (10 years ago), I’ve never heard of programming until high-school. It was just too mysterious for young people. I think it’s mainly because programming skill is not consider as “useful” for getting into colleges in China. Hope this will change.

there are more challenges for kids programming teachers in China than foreign countries. Most of family have no choice to follow the guide of Gaokao. It’s rare to find some parents to educate their kids to think and explore. I really like to unite more kids programming teachers to help Chinese kids to become a contributor of a project and go far way from being a consumer of internet game. feel free to add my WeChat: hwfighter1