First Time Using Classroom!

I had a successful time teaching RubyKoans at Dallas Makerspace this past weekend. Students were able to clone their repo and they learned Git and GitHub while learning Ruby! I also showed them how to display their work by modifying their profile to include repos they contribute to, because by default their work isn’t going to show up on their profile.

I was a wee bit concerned that two of my students (who were about to graduate from a full-time coding bootcamp program) didn’t really have any exposure to Git or GitHub prior to my little day class. :grimacing:

The thing I love about courses like RubyKoans and GitImmersion is that they’re Creative Commons licensed and can quickly be adapted. Please comment if you know of any other similarly licensed material I could pick up and start using. Maybe there’s an awesome-creative-commons GitHub repo? :slight_smile: