First Test Drive with Classroom

I wanted to provide some first impressions and steps based on my experiences in the past 14 days after joining the community, so here I go!

Setting things up

After finalizing the great intro, provided via GitHub Campus Advisors, into the GitHub we started to think on how to implement Classrooms into our current program.
As per recommendation we started creating Classrooms for all relevant courses we intend to support via the Classrooms functionality. And that turned out to give us quite the list to start with!

The approval process for setting these up so we can use these for individual assignments as wel (private repo’s) was super fast! Cheers from us to the team supporting this approval process @mozzadrella !

Introducing our students to Git and Github

Next step was actually getting our students up to speed with the Git basics and GitHub functionality.
Since the GitHub Campus Advisors Course on mastering Git and GitHub actually was a super way on introducing even completely new users to both the git concept as well as the GitHub functionality we decided to try the same approach for a git introduction with our students.
We setup base repo’s (one per Lab) in each organisation related to the course in which we planned this introduction.
We made our setup so that the file contained the information the students needed to make the Lab and the last section always contained a link to the next Classroom Lab in that specfic Classroom.
This way we provided the ‘kickoff’ link to our students and the GithHub repo’s guided them through all five of the labs.

Example Setup for one Classroom

Additional goodies

Since we made use of the generous offer to obtain a Swag Bag for our students we distributed the cheat sheets and goodies at the beginning of the Labs, while keeping the stickers as additional treat at the end of each Lab.

Since we decided to have each Lab’s instructions in a file the Markdown Syntax booklet was immediatelly put to good use.

Judging on some of the reactions and feedback the intro Labs have been well received. I managed to get two out of the five groups who ran this intro (test) lab in front of the classroom, so I figured I’d share!



Thanks @arolson @anna-talley and Nik (sorry no handle found here :slight_smile: ) for the quick handling of the request! Less than a week after the request we received the package at the other side of the globe :wink: , super service!

Next Steps

We’ll be expanding our use of Classrooms for the remaining assignments in programming related courses this year. And will make an attempt to integrate it for every programming relate course in the upcomming year.
We’ve been in touch with Travis-CI to checkout the integration, so that’s also in our short term planning.

Meanwhile I’m trying to read through some topics in de Education community to check out what other cool things our fellow teachers are doing with GitHub and Classrooms.

Well, so far a great first 14 days! :+1: