Find students' repos by name?

(Lindsay Ward) #1

Hi there.
I’m mostly enjoying GitHub classroom and plan to use it even more next time I teach, however I find it hard to find a particular user’s repo…

Say I have an assignment with 100 submissions. GitHub classroom has no view that shows all these on one page, AFAIK. It should, so I can use Ctrl+F.
If my student’s name is “Bob Smith”, how can I find their repo? There’s no way I can see to search for the repo by student name or email. I can’t know Bob’s GitHub username easily, so… please let me know how to find a student’s repo. I would love to see a simple search bar where I can enter a student’s name or email.

(What I have been using is this: which creates ‘dummy’ commits by email and then GitHub shows their usernames if they exist. I can then append that to the assignment default URL… but this is way too much work compared to what it could be.)

Thank you.

(Scott Sanicki) #2

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for the feedback! Would you mind opening a feature request for this on the GitHub Classroom repository:

You can just link to this post for details if you’d like.


(Lindsay Ward) #3

Like this?

(Scott Sanicki) #4

:+1: Thank you.

(Michal Barla) #5

Hi Lindsay,

I had a same issue when I tried to use GitHub classroom for the first time. My workaround was to instruct students to put their name into file in the root of the repository. Then I was able to look it up through the search bar on the top of the GitHub page and specifying code as the scope for the search.

(Lindsay Ward) #6

Thanks. That looks like a useful option! :thumbsup: