Finally used GitHub to manage an assignment

Hi all, hope this is the correct category!

Firstly to say that we finally used GitHub starting last September to deliver a a repo to student groups. This was for an assignment that takes them through all the web dev stages, research, design, build and test. The repo has all the instructions plus template documents for things like personas, competitor analysis, usability testing etc.
We pulled back the repo’s last week and are busy marking. It seems to have gone well.

I’m writing because I’ve just seen the ‘coding in a browser’ email. We are looking at options for our HTML & CSS classes because of the COVID situation, and the fact we will be delivering a lot of this online for the foreseeable future. We are looking at Glitch and would love a simple solution (not all of our students are technical) for students to work on and submit exercises as they proceed.

Any thoughts or experiences out there?


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