Feedback on Campus Advisor training

(Vincent Sijben) #1

Hi @mozzadrella, @ccannon94 (and others),

First of all: great job putting all that work into creating exercises for us teachers to follow.
I just wanted to give some feedback about the exercises for future-attendees to be able to better understand the contents. The recordings of the videos are about 1 year old, maybe ‘we’ could consider updating some…

I’m aware other people could have posted some feedback somewhere, but the education community is growing so fast, it takes too much time searching all for all those posts. So here is my ‘adventure’ through the exercises…

  1. Module 0
    It’s not obvious how to “complete” module 0, so module 1 becomes green…

  2. Module 1 here you say you want to exclude slides-1.html, but that should be slides-2.html if I understand correctly.

  3. Module 1
    at 10:55 in the same video some content is skipped. Suddenly slides-1.html has content. Some things are skipped

  4. Question
    Nothing is being sent over the network while using git in this stage right? So everything you do, add to staging committing to repo is all saved in the hidden .git directory? So if one would delete that directory, everything is lost. Maybe that’s a nice addition to the video

  5. Module 2
    Here the slide states “send my commits to a location”, but a few seconds earlier you said “the command doesn’t send anything yet”. That’s a bit confusing. Shouldn’t it be “were setting up a location" instead of "were sending commits” or change “send my commits to a location” to “send future commits to the specified location”

  6. I didn’t get the slide at, maybe some animation makes it more obvious what you’re saying. The slides doesn’t reflect your example (a blob with javascript?), its confusing and not as clear as the rest of the slides.

  7. Exercise 2.2

  • I think this exercise is a bit confusing. In your 2.1 video, you are creating and committing the file locally, whereas in the exercise (where you eventually are referring to a just as you created in 2.1) the file should not be committed locally, but instead created and edited locally and uploaded through
  • “Upload to the individual repo on GitHub”. How does one upload a file on That wasn’t mentioned in the video. In the video you are only editing a file, not uploading. Did you mean clicking on “uploading an existing file” in the blue “quick setup” section?
  • What I did was touch inside the local folder individual-work. I uploaded that file through drag and drop, and did a git fetch. That’s not a good use-case, not even for an exercise. The should not be already inside that local folder. It would make more sense that was created inside another folder on my macbook, and I just uploaded it. Inside the local individual-work folder, it only gets there using (eventually) pull. Maybe you meant this use-case, but that was not obvious (to me).
  • The exercise doesn’t ask for a screenshot, whereas other exercise do. It should be added.
  • I was totally confused with the “upload your first weeks assignments” text. I was thinking about module 1 or 0, but instead, you mean “just type some text in the” like you are doing here This was not clear to me. Maybe just say something like “upload your locally created and edited with some text to the individual repo on”.
  • Again I was confused with “bring the commits back down to your local repo”. It’s only the commit info, not the actual file that needs to be downloaded. My bad obvious, but it could be a little bit clearer.
  1. Branches (2.3)
  • At suddenly the checkout command is used, it should be in the slides before (so its visible in the pdf in your assignment folder)
  • I don’t have the tree command on my macOS. Would be nice to point out “if you don’t have tree command installed etc”.
  1. Merge (2.4)
  • This section is called merge, and while it eventually describes a merge, it startes and focusses on pull. Maybe call the section pull? Or better: first explain the merge command and later on the pull command.
  • At suddenly there are 2 new lines. The part where you added those 2 lines is skipped. A simple explanation of “I’ve added two lines before to this file on” would do.
  • I think the exercise doesn’t fit in: it’s in fact an exercise about branches, not about merging or pull.
  • Maybe it’s better to actually add another step like: activate your original branche. If that step is not added, the last question is confusing. I have just edited a file with 2 paragraphs and need to close and open it. So sure, its the same file… little bit redundant question. Would make more sense if one has first checked out the master branche and then reopen the file.
  1. Exercise 3.1 Pull Request
  • Git does not create a master branch until something is committed.
    Since committing the readme is not part of the exercise, git branch questions doesn’t work (fatal: Not a valid object name: 'master’). Git checkout -b questions doesn’t give an error, but no branch is created (git branch is empty)
  • “Add a remote tracking branch and push to it.“ was a bit confusing for me and I had to look it up in the posts on education community. I had to do git push origin questions. What does “add a remote tracking branch” mean? If I do git push origin questions, it auto-adds the branche “questions” if it doesn’t exist, right?
  1. Assigning group work (3.3)
    “Accept the group assignment”. Where is the invitation link? I had to type it over and it turned out to be a 404
    Or do you mean, create a new group assignment yourself throughout GitHub classroom, form a team and each member clones the shared repo to their local machine. The should be used as a template to create a new file in the local repo. Both team members edit it and save it, stage it and commit it to the module3 repo (I guess this is the shared repo that we should get through the invitation link (that I can’t seem to find) ?)

Just my 2 cents. If anything stated above makes sense, and if I can help change things, let me know!