"Failed to run 'git clone.' fatal: Too many arguments." with VS Code extension

Hi, all.
I came across a new issue today.

When some of my students try to open their first assignment using the GitHub Classroom extension in VS Code, they get a “Failed to run ‘git clone.’ fatal: Too many arguments.” error.

Believe it or not, I think this might have to do with the name of their user folder?..
So far, all of the people that have had the issue have a user folder with a name like “user 1” or “first lastname.”

My suspicions were raised when I saw a user reporting a similar error from git when they forgot to use escape characters (My\ Folder\ Name) when cloning into a directory with spaces.

Anyone else see this or have an idea of how to fix it?


Hello Eric,

Did you ever find a solution for this issue?


No, I had to tell those other students to use GitHub Desktop, which is unfortunate. I’ll be moving the entire class to that process next semester. Even if this bug was fixed, some of the other elements of the extension (e.g. the commit/sync process, visual feedback for source control status) has proven too confusing for my non-CS students new to GitHub.