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Hi everyone,

The new roster feature looks neat. I can’t tell if there’s a way to export the roster as a csv (or JSON, or any kind of structured data) so that I can then associate student github ids with existing student records. I am not working through an LMS but, Luddite-like, doing all my grading inside Emacs org-mode. So I just need access to the data somehow, so I can manage things my own way, is possible. Thank you!

(I see there was a similar thread a while ago Managing rosters with existing accounts + feedback/requests, but I’m not sure it was asking the same question).

Hello @titaniumbones! Atm that functionality doesn’t exist. We’d like to include it in the sprint around “Managing courses.” That sprint should start around the first week of the year.

Thanks @mozzadrella! If it lands that early that’ll be super! Thank you!

@titaniumbones you can follow the roadmap for Classroom here: https://github.com/education/classroom/blob/master/ROADMAP.md


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“Luddite?” Psshaw. emacs org-mode for the win!

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@titaniumbones just checking in that you knew about the ability to export the CSV :slight_smile:

no, didn’t know about that, is it documented somewhere? THanks!

The ability to download the roster is really helpful!

We’re at the beginning of the semester and enrollment is changing and students are occasionally selecting the incorrect ID when accepting an assignment. I’m experiencing performance problems with both paging through the roster and the “Download” (which occasionally times out). Is this perhaps just a transient problem? If not, any suggestions?

To add to this: we have a class of 600+. And it seems like the performance bottleneck may be partly client side…I’m guessing it’s iterating through a lot of requests maybe? (Haven’t had time to dig in to it)

You can find documentation here: https://classroom.github.com/help/import-roster-from-lms

@bsiever could you please open an issue on the project repository:

You may wish to include links or screenshots if you believe they will be helpful in troubleshooting your issue.

Our developers may be able to address this.