Export roster

(Matt Price) #1

Hi everyone,

The new roster feature looks neat. I can’t tell if there’s a way to export the roster as a csv (or JSON, or any kind of structured data) so that I can then associate student github ids with existing student records. I am not working through an LMS but, Luddite-like, doing all my grading inside Emacs org-mode. So I just need access to the data somehow, so I can manage things my own way, is possible. Thank you!

(I see there was a similar thread a while ago Managing rosters with existing accounts + feedback/requests, but I’m not sure it was asking the same question).

(Vanessa) #2

Hello @titaniumbones! Atm that functionality doesn’t exist. We’d like to include it in the sprint around “Managing courses.” That sprint should start around the first week of the year.

(Matt Price) #3

Thanks @mozzadrella! If it lands that early that’ll be super! Thank you!

(Vanessa) #4

@titaniumbones you can follow the roadmap for Classroom here: https://github.com/education/classroom/blob/master/ROADMAP.md

(topher mykolyk) #5

“Luddite?” Psshaw. emacs org-mode for the win!