Excessive "Update GitHub Classroom Autograding Workflow"

Dear colleagues, I’m having a strange issue, every few hours all students repos receive some commits (issue by me) with title “Update GitHub Classroom Autograding Workflow”. It’s like if I’m updating autograding tests every few hours, and the side effect is that it re-executes all activities, consuming a lot of resources. So, today, a week after activity was launched to my 40 students (very small activity), and execution hours have been consumed already. Does anyone has a solution to this and knows why this is happening?
Thanks a lot!!

UPDATE: I’ve re-created the autograding task, in another classroom (now I have enough execution minutes again), and did NOT enable Repl.it integration. For some reason, I expect this behavior is related to it. Up to now, few hours later, I still didn’t have any issue of massive upgrades in workflow.
However… new students are arriving, and for some of them, the workflow is not being setup automatically. Maybe I’ll need to wait them to join in, and then I update my tests (so all of them get updated?). I’ll try that (and keep you all informed).

UPDATE 2: disabling Repl.it integration has proven effective, now everything is working fine!

I wrote some article giving advices for those who arrive here in the future:

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