Errors accepting assignments

All of a sudden, many of my students are getting an error when they try to accept an assignment. Is anybody else seeing this?

since last week we are getting a lot of errors when “accepting” assignments.

On a population of 150 students, 10% are getting the error.

Sometimes F5 (refresh) is a solution.
But most of times the solution is to refollow the invitation link of the assignment (after 5 minutes)

we have similar percentage of students experiencing issues with accepting assignments. They get “There was an error accepting this assignment, please try again. If problem persists please contact support”. I am following it up with support as suggested. We have worked around it for time being by creating another assignment link.

Same here. The solution is to use chrome ‘incognito’ windows to open the link.

I am having this problem as well, with one of the Assignments.

I have tried:

I have already submitted a report to GitHub, but have not heard from them outside of the initial “We have received your report” automated email.

It’s a little frustrating, as it is forcing me to change my deadlines with a particularly time-sensitive assignment.

Will reply with any new information, if GitHub Support gets back to me.

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Now I have some students showing that they have more than one version of the same assignment. Is anybody else seeing that?

There is a reaccept button at the bottom of the error page. Click it to solve the problem.

I have tried clicking the Reaccept button every day for the last week.

Still doesn’t work.

I still have students who cannot accept assignments. However, if they wait a few hours, it often starts working. Does anybody know the reason or have a workaround?

Hi! We are trying to get to the bottom of all the use cases that cause this to happen. If you run into the issue again can you let us know by ticketing into Support? That way we can look into the specific issue causing your assignment to fail and help you with a workaround.