Error when loading assignment page (fixed)

For the last two days I’ve been unable to load the assignment page for my classroom (linked below), getting a 500 response instead. I can still access the assignments through the github group, but not the classroom page. Is anyone else getting this error? I did just set up a roster, which seems unlikely to have been the cause of failure, yet…?

it is not wronght for me. it work.
so contact the admins in this page:
he will be help you.

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Hello @sfogarty! It turns out that I have exactly the same issue. I was also getting a 500 response and I could
see the assignments in the GitHub organization but not through GitHub Classroom. Were you ever able to resolve this issue? If so, could you please explain how you resolved it? I have also raised an issue about this at:

So, if you have a solution it might be nice for you to post it there as well!



Sadly, I have not yet resolved the issue. I created a ticket, but have not gotten a response yet (only been a few days).

Hello @sfogarty. Thanks for letting me know that you have created a ticket and not yet gotten a response. If you learn anything about how to resolve this issue, could you please post it here? I need to start grading the assignments that my students submitted as we work on a new laboratory every week and I commit to only taking one week to grade each project. While I can use the organization’s interface to GitHub, not using Classroom means that I cannot easily see the last commit after the deadline and I must search through all of the repositories in the organization.

Okay, please keep me updated!

I got the following message:
“Thanks for your continued patience. Our engineers have identified the problem and are working on a fix that they expect will ship early next week at the latest.”

I am getting the same thing when I try to open an existing assignment or go to “Roster Management” under “Manage Classroom” I get a 500 error with the message,

Internal server error

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

Try going back to classroom dashboard"

I had the same problem. There is a workaround and my TAs with admin access could see the Assigment
I contacted Github Education, Scott handed it over to some engineers and promised a fix by Tuesday.

I just checked Labor Day 10:45 am and it appears to be fixed. Try looking again.

BtW: I too was trying the Roster thing for the first time.

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Solved for me as well. If this was an issue, I’d propose closing it :slight_smile:

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Glad @tarebyte got you all sorted :slight_smile: