Error accepting group assignment: Group has already been taken

I set up my first group assignment and it seems to have worked out for the most part, but one group is getting an error. Their team was created without issue, but when it tries to setup the repository for the assignment, they see this:


For the “Group has already been taken” message, I note that one student used their username as the group name. Could that be the issue?

Other info:

  • This is our first group assignment so they are creating new groups
  • Both members of the team, when they try to create the repo, get this error
  • The source repository is a private template

Any suggestions?

Group assignments are tied closely to DB entries – I think the only recourse might be reaching out with a support ticket:

@haz thanks. I contacted support before posting here. Just waiting on a response.

Facing similar issue, please keep us updated :slight_smile:

Here’s what support said:

Is there anything we can do to help them create their repository or will I need to create and assign it manually?

Unfortunately, this might be a good workaround for the time being. We are working on a way for these students to re-accept these assignments which basically just kickstarts the setup process when it starts to stall out. We are looking to release this in the next week or so, so any workaround would be temporary for now.

And is there anything we can do to try and avoid this issue in the future?

You might have already done this, but setting up your assignment using template repositories over source importer seems to be more reliable although is still subject to failures from time to time.

I note that my repository was already a template repo. I wonder how often this would happen with a regular repo :cold_sweat:

Sorry, what was the proposed workaround ?

Creating and assigning the group assignment manually.

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