End of Semester

Hi all,

I taught a course using GitHub classroom for the Spring semester. The semester is now over, I’d like to archive/freeze the classroom so that no new students can enroll, no new assignment submissions can be made, etc. What are my options?

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cc: @mozzadrella

Hi @m-bilgic,

In Assignment settings you have to uncheck “Enable assignment invitation URL”. So, no one can enroll in this assignment anymore.

Currently there is no option to archive a classroom.


Thank you for the reply and info @emersonmello.

Hi @m-bilgic

If you’d like to backup a specific assignment you may want to use Classroom Assistant. Instead, if you aim to archive the whole organization, I often find very useful to resort to GitHub Records Archiver.

Thank you @pattacini. I wanted to: 1) set the classroom inactive (like setting a class inactive in Piazza), 2) students can no longer submit assignments, 3) freeze the assignment repositories so no more changes are made to them.

I guess 1 is not necessary, because students do not register/unregister to the classroom. 2 can be done by disabling the invitation link. 3 can be done by downloading the repos.