Educational subscription instantly removed

I am in a bit of a Panic because I just lost access to our entire educational plan setup. I do not know how to proceed. Here is the email I sent to the helpdesk.

I just received a notification that my GitHub for education is expiring in 10 minutes. I am concerned that our team will lose all of their work. My school changed their email addresses so the auto-verification failed. I re-submitted, but do not want to lose work. What do I do? The system said it will take until January 27th to verify. 

~Mr. R^2

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I got an instant reply to the email referenced above, and within a bit more time, it seems as all is restored. So, I guess I learned a few things.

  1. If your email addresses change, find a way to update them in the general Git system in addition to your own account.
  2. If there is an issue like I ran into, Git tech support is incredibly responsive. Thank you!

~Mr. R^2

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