Educational discounts for Gitbook?

Complete newbie to GitHub and Gitbook here. I’d like to use GitBook to run my online courses where students can add and edit pages. Would this qualify for “open-source & non-profit teams”? I have signed up for the Educator discount on GitHub and created an organization there. Does this “transfer” to GitBook? If so, what do I need to do to link the two? Thanks!

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gitbook isn’t associated with github so I don’t think there is a transfer (though if there is some discount I can get that would be amazing :P) … I asked gitbook about 8 months ago for discount as I host all my course notes on it. They gave me 50% off… unfortunately the plan that I needed for PDF export had a 10 seat minimum…even at 50% off, it was far too expensive for me. (about 150 US per month)

If you all you need is collaborative editing, a github wiki would work nicely… set up a repo and provide write access to that repo for your students (easily doable using classroom… make a group assignment with a maximum of one team). Accept the assignment before sending the invite link to student and they just need to hit join button to gain access and edit rights.


+1 to @catherine-leung

Would recommend either using a repository with a wiki. If you’re looking to have the students to submit their work through GitBook, you could use GitHub Classroom and allow the students to submit through Markdown files as well.

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