Educational Discount Rejected for Teachers

Hi, im having some teachers requesting the teachers educational discount approval but they are getting rejected saying that I (campus advisor / admin) have the rights to give him the benefits.
I have little to no clue about how to proceed.
Please, let me know how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.


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can you give me github student pack through your school

Thanks @Officialhackercommunity, it has the same benefits?.


i do not understand what clearly you said i am unable to get student pack from my email and indian colleges do not give email to students thats why i ask you can you help me or give me github student pack through your school

Im sorry, I read your message to early in the morning, I thought you told me other thing.
I wish I could grant the student pack to everyone but I can only give it to our students, please reach github education about that regard or make a post about it.
My post is about teachers benefits.


Hey @josefermoso,

So sorry for the trouble - email us the teachers who need to be approved and we can resolve it:


Thanks @jen-k, Im having to many back and forwards with the support team for something that should be really easy.

This has been the history so far:

  1. Github ask the teacher to reach te admin of the school (me)
  2. I don’t have the know how and so far it doesn’t exists, I need to personally contact github to ask for renewal
  3. I ask for the teacher renewal, it admit it was easy and fast.
  4. The teachar receives and email that the account issue was fixed but when it loggins the issue shows up again (images attached)
  5. I contact github again, also I was asked to continue the conversation on another threads

Please, its been a week since this, im concern about having more than 40 teachers in the coming times and do this for each one. What I am missing? or its something administrative from github side.

Thanks in advance

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i prefer mr @josefermoso please contact them at twitter it would be fast

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