Education is not only in programming

Hello everyone, I want to meet people who are not only engaged in programming. I am sure that many are combining their main area of work with something else. I wonder how it affects you, what positive things it brings to your life. In addition to programming, I myself like to play music and sports.

I program and play tennis. It seems to me that these two disciplines are very similar. You need to calculate the way forward and work on yourself.

Yes, for us programmers, sport is more of a necessity. I can no longer imagine my life without it. :slight_smile:

Education isn’t just programming. I also love to write, of course, I am not writing novels yet. But I train on small texts. For example, I write essays based on examples from service for writing scientific articles and essays. This helps a lot to understand how a text that is easy to read should look like for the average reader. I remember being inspired by a Spanish developer’s guide to a plugin for a Google safe browser. It was a work of art.

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