Easiest workflow using EGit in Eclipse?

I use Eclipse to teach Java. Normally students email their source code to themselves so they can work on it at home; or they copy to a USB flash drive and take it home.

The Neon version of Eclipse comes with Egit. I’ve successfully created a local repo that syncs with github. I’m trying to make this as easy as possible with students.


  1. What is the easiest way to create accounts for all of my students?
  2. As a teacher can I look at any students repo?
  3. Are all of the student’s repo’s private (to slow down cheating)
  4. I just want students to be able to start a project in class, then easily resume it at home, and vice versa. Is EGit/GitHub really the best way to do this?
  5. Is there a simple tutorial for out there for using EGit and Eclipse for high school students?
  6. In an Eclipse project, which files should be pushed to GitHub to make it easy to work on stuff at home?



:wave: hi @jwoodward,

Here are some :bulb: on the Git + GitHub side:

Number 1: If you use GitHub Classroom you can take Assignments with starter code and distribute them with one link. You can post it to your LMS or email it out to them.

While students will need to create their own accounts, I recommend collecting their usernames via a google form before class started.

Number 2: Classroom gives you a direct link to access student repos.

Number 3: Classroom allows you to keep repos private. Here’s the README with that info:


Number 5: I don’t know of a particularly good tutorial for high school students, perhaps @gcschmit has come across one?

I found these two, which seem straightforward:

Numbers 4 & 6 might be best suited for the Eclipse forums…let us know what you find!


In my classes, we don’t use Eclipse; we use BlueJ and GitHub Desktop. So, I don’t have a good tutorial for Eclipse. I am searching for a good general Git tutorial for another class and will share when I find my favorite!

@jwoodward the GitHub Training Team is offering a webinar on Eclipse integration and Git September 12–here’s the link


I want to do the same but the workflow is stumping me. i’ve managed to convince IT to allow me to install eclipse but getting github for desktop is another issue. so i’d like to have it all in one place. were you able to figure out a good workflow? if so would you be will to share how you do it?