Duplicating classrooms

I have a module with multiple classes. The module has several assignments.

Suppose I have 4 classes and 6 assignments, I was thinking of creating 4 classrooms, and 6 assignment each. Since the 6 assignments in the 4 classrooms would be the same, I was wondering if there’s a way to duplicate the classrooms?

Or is there a better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance!

Is this four sections of the same course? If so, why not just use one classroom?

Like you, I prefer to keep my sections separate since I am required to keep them separate in our LMS. It keeps the grading much more compartmentalized and simple.

The best I’ve been able to figure out so far is to use multiple pushurl values and to create the template repositories using symbolic links and path substring matching. This lets me at least create the template GitHub repos from the same local Git repository and update all four with a single push. The assignment creation in Classroom, however, still requires going to the browser and manually doing it one-by-one since there is no API that I am aware of.

I am also interested in this topic. Every year I have the same course with the same tasks, maybe small modifications. It will be MUCH easier to have some “duplicate” button.

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